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L is for Love

From the day we met you have taken up space in my heart You are the air I breath and the water that washes me clean I love you like no other It is you I have longed for languished… Continue Reading →

H is for Hunger

Squalor and Hunger are not twin evils Poverty and filth do not cohabitate Your domicile is not always your home The government controls your life But does not care for your body Hunger breeds resistance Hunger makes a pacifist murder… Continue Reading →

Why is Everyone Trying to Look Like a Kardashian?

I have a complaint or more like a pet peeve. I really dislike when people, especially women, try to be someone else. When they don’t embrace their own unique beauty and try to fit into a mold. The current mold… Continue Reading →

No Cappuccino Today #WordlessWednesday


Loudness, danger, excitement we are drawn like moths to a flame. Unrestrained, gregarious energy drawing us near drawing us out of our solitary shell. We are drawn to that radiant energy that part we don’t possess within. We don’t see it… Continue Reading →

Hipster Generation

Effortlessly they misappropriate misinterpret miss the point Make-up like blackface and dredlocks ironic racism hipster terms playing bluegrass in Brooklyn pretending to be poor wearing flannel and eating vegan. They laugh at real culture call us dumb rednecks have coolie themed… Continue Reading →

Burn Out

Being the rock star, the darling, the golden child Shooting through the sky like a comet Everyone watches to see what you will do Everyone wants to hitch a ride. You’re a shooting star. Like a supernova you burn bright… Continue Reading →

Hope in a Jar

Retinol in the morning and placenta cream at night. Wash your face in cold water it will tighten your pores. We will do anything to save face. My entire life I was told do not under any circumstance put soap on… Continue Reading →

My Writing

Writing is something I do alone. It is a time to think my own thoughts in my own head. Explore my soul my feelings my hopes my desires. My writing is not yours to claim, to scrutinize, to devour with… Continue Reading →

What is it with TV?

What is it with TV? TV takes up entirely too much of everyone’s time.  We know this yet we watch and watch and watch.  The average american watches 5 hours of TV a day. We just sit on our ever… Continue Reading →

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