Favorites in May
Favorites in May EclecticEvelyn.com

Its really hard to narrow it down but here are 15 of my favorite photographs I found on Instagram during the month of May.  Show them some love and follow the ones that interest you.  For many, it’s all about networking and building that following so reach out and you may gain a new follower […]

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What I Liked In April
20 Things I Liked in April EclecticEvelyn.com

I love photography and I am a big Instagram fan which gave me the idea to start a new monthly post with some of my favorite photos I have seen on Instagram during the month.  I am going to try to keep it to 20 photos, give or take a few.  If you are not […]

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There’s a Dead Body in the Street
There's a Dead Body in the Street EclecticEvelyn.com

This is the phone call I woke up to this morning. Trying to collect my senses as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. Listening to my daughter but not fully awake enough to actively participate in the conversation.   Daughter calling from her job: Mom are you okay? Me: what? I just woke … Daughter: Just […]

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Coat Conscious
Coat Conscious EclecticEvelyn.com

Coat of arms Coated tongue Raincoat prophylactic protects against more than rain Winter coat Hand me down coat coat of many colors Appalachian poverty turned into a Christmas Special entertainment for the masses Old coat torn coat Coat stuffed with newspapers protection against the cold on a New York sidewalk No coat Coated tongue no […]

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