The Freedom of Brain Dumping

  Brain dumping has freed me up from the confines I had placed on myself about what is a journal and what is a list.  It allows […]

Drowning #Poem


I am drawn to you like an errant lover I return time and time again seeking solace Finding none and finding everything You call to me […]

Silence is too loud

Silence is Not Golden

I understand now why my grandmother had the TV on all the time, even when she wasn’t watching it. After having a houseful of people for […]

Waking Up in Panic

Waking Up in a Panic

I think waking up in a panic attack is one of the worst things about having a panic disorder.  My medication causes vivid dreams which most […]



It is day four of the Just Jot It January challenge and today’s prompt is Dachshund. Wow, now that is a tough prompt. It leads most in […]

Nightmare State

Nightmare State

There are days that echo through time, where you feel as if you have been transported into this life by some unseen force. These are the […]

Looking for an Exit

Looking for an Exit

This is the first I have really written in a while. I have basically had a nervous breakdown and have spent the better part of a […]

Update from the Anxiety Moon

Update From My Life with Anxiety

My anxiety waxes and wanes like the moon growing larger looming in the horizon then dissipating with the morning light to rise again. Anxiety is like […]