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June 12
Zitriom Dog Bone Review with #VinnytheDog

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Vinny was so excited when I opened the mail this week.  He had a product to review.  When I brought the box of dog bones in and opened it he started jumping and dancing around.  He knew it was a treat for him.  Once I gave him the bone he was not about to share it, not even with our new kitten Little Edie.



According to Zitriom who supplied us with the bones for review, the bones are made with all natural, high-quality materials with no artificial colors or flavors.  The bones come in 20 packs for around $25 which is not a bad price. Zitriom has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product just return the bones and get your money back.  The bones are about 6.5 inches in length.


Zitriom Dog Bone Review

My Thoughts

They are basic rawhide bones.  No strong odors and not added colors. They seem a little thinner and harder than some of the other bones I have tried.  Vinny loves them and so do the large standard poodle and golden retriever that live next door.  Chiquita wasn’t nearly as excited as Vinny but Chiquita is a very spoiled picky pomchi.  For the price, its a good deal.

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