The Phantom in the Ceiling
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The Phantom in the Ceiling

He pauses with trepidation as he hears the toenails tapping above his head. He can not comprehend how it is possible for that noise to be coming from the ceiling. He listens intently. More tapping, pause, more tapping. Now a scurry across the living room ceiling into the kitchen. He cocks his head to one side listening. Nothing. Only silence. He sniffs the air and walks into the kitchen all the time looking up, listening. Another sound, a door, a bark. There it is. The culprit behind that tapping. He looks up knowing someone has invaded his territory. He stands on his hind legs, front paws in the air and barks. A loud bark letting him know he is not welcome on our ceiling.

Today’s Prompt was pause/paws and since we recently got new upstairs neighbors who have a dog, I decided to write about my dog who has a big problem with the fact that a dog now lives in our ceiling. 

I am writing this as part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January 

Did you see this?


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