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You entitled insolent child

You have been mollycoddled

And catered to your entire

Short life.

Not even 18 and think you are an adult.

How dare you think that you can tell me what to do

How dare you assume anything about me

About life in general

You have not lived long enough to assume.

Your sheltered existence

One of helicopter moms always hovering

Never having truly lived at all.

Assuming you can tell an adult what to do

Assuming you know what to do

Assuming that anyone will even listen to your orders

You are a child still clinging to mommy’s skirt

Surprised when the world calls you out

Surprised to find it does not revolve around you.

Surprise! You are just one of many in this world

Nothing special, nothing noteworthy, nothing new

Just a child trying to exert his white male privilege

Trying to mansplain in your fake man voice

Trying to command authority

When inside you are terrified

Terrified that the world is going to see you for what you really are

A scared little boy too afraid to come out to his father.

Too afraid to admit that he knows nothing

Too afraid to actually experience life

Too afraid to let go of his middle-class white privilege to embrace his true self.

Be Brave Enough

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