Spider Veins EclecticEvelyn.com

Spider Veins

Spider veins run up her thighs and disappear somewhere under her skirt. She hates this uniform. She hates this job. She hates the smells and the […]

Should I Warn Her? EclecticEvelyn.com

Should I Warn Her?

Her face is smiling up at me from the announcement section of the morning paper. Right there next to his depraved grin, she stands beaming, happy […]

Winter is Coming #VinnytheDog #WordlessWednesday EclecticEvelyn.com

Winter is Coming #WordlessWednesday

Vinny likes to steal all the covers to stay warm.  How do you stay warm on cold nights? Share your answer in the comments below. Share […]

Show Gratitude Daily EclecticEvelyn.com

Show Gratitude Daily

      Want to find more joy? It’s simple, stop comparing yourself to others and start practicing gratitude. Once we become aware of all that […]

Memos Post-Its and Scraps of Paper #SoCS EclecticEvelyn.com

Memo, Post-its, and Scraps of Paper

Memos to myself. Post-it notes stuck everywhere. Little note pads with lists for everyone. Scraps of paper with phone numbers and no name. Who is this? […]