Today I found out about Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It is a blog challenge where you are given a prompt and you have to write what ever comes to your mind not editing except spelling. You write as much or as little as you like. I love this challenge because this is how I write anyway. I was taught to write that way in college and have done so ever sense. However, after just letting it flow – first draft- then I always go back and edit and edit and edit until I am satisfied with the results. This will be a challenge because, being the perfectionist I am just letting this be posted without edit is going to be a big leap for me.

It is all about stretching my boundaries and leaving my comfort zone. Today’s writing prompt from SoCS is “Jour” which translates to “day” in French. It is one of the few words I remember from my four years of French in High School all those many years ago. My dogs are currently barking at the neighbors which makes it harder to concentrate on writing but that is my life and this is my day.

Every time, I hear the word jour, I think of soup du jour, not bonjour or any of the other words associated with it just soup and the funny thing is I don’t really like soup. Don’t get me wrong, soup is ok, stew is better, but I am just not a big fan. I really don’t like my food to touch that much and I really don’t like all that watery juice all over everything. I eat my soup with a fork, which my kids find hilarious, with lots of crackers to soak up all that juice. However, I will drink broth when I am sick as long as it has nothing floating around in it. I drink it like tea, warm and in a cup with a spoon. Strange I know, but hey that’s me love me or hate me either way you are thinking about me.


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