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February 16
Writing Blindfolded

Writing is something I do alone.

It is a time to think my own thoughts
in my own head.
Explore my soul
my feelings
my hopes
my desires.

My writing is not yours
to claim,
to scrutinize,
to devour with your prejudice and criticism.

I don’t want someone over my shoulder reading what I write,
Contaminating my world, my thoughts with their assumptions.

My writing is for my consumption only
unless I choose to publish it
on the net,
the blog,
the book,
the page,
the wall.

Until that time it is mine and mine alone.

My writing is a reflection,
a moment in time
fluid and ever changing with my moods.
It is a place that I can explore my thoughts
release my feelings,
my anger,
my crazies.

My writing is something I do for me
always has been
My writing is my room of my own.

Fabulous at 50 living and writing in Appalachia

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