Mother Nature is Menopausal




I have come to the conclusion that Mother Nature is Menopausal. Normally here in Appalachia, we have 4 distinct seasons, we still do it just happens now all in one day.



It seems that Mother Nature cannot decide if it is going to be hot or cold.  Hot flashes followed by night sweats which than leads to freezing. Her mood swings are off the charts with more hurricane’s, earthquakes, and tornado’s then normal.



She is stressed to the max and all her children are getting on her last nerve demanding more from her then she is able to give. Recently she has been blowing her top all over the place.


She is poked and prodded by doctors (scientists) who want to find out what is wrong with her on a daily basis. She is being drained of all her resources by men (corporations) and there is no way of replenishing them. She is having to adjust to a new phase of life and so do we her family.



What does this all mean for us?

It’s time we help our mother out.  We have to learn more about what is happening and how we can change things. Here are a few videos to start with.




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What is one thing you can do today to help our mother today?

Let me know in the comments.



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