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Memo, Post-its, and Scraps of Paper

Memos to myself. Post-it notes stuck everywhere. Little note pads with lists for everyone. Scraps of paper with phone numbers and no name.

Who is this? Is this my handwriting? I don’t even recognize this area code.

Reaching for a post-it, I write a note to find out who’s number this is and stick it in the sometime pile on my desk. This is a pile that I never actually get too. I have conveniently placed this pile of papers right above my trash can so when the cats are on my desk and accidently knock it in the trash, it’s okay. I have no problem with the cats throwing it away. The problem is, I can’t throw them away.

What if i need that number?




Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “mem.” Choose a word or words with the letters “mem” in that order and run with it. Enjoy!



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8 thoughts on “Memo, Post-its, and Scraps of Paper

  1. That’s funny. I just came across a note with a phone number and “Debby” the other day, and I have NO idea why I wrote it, who she is, or why I have to call her back. 😛

  2. I’m so guilty of this. I’m forever finding scratch paper with numbers, codes, and randomness in general, everywhere in my house. It’s my feeble attempt to be organized. (I think I’m failing, lol.) Found you through #trafficjamweekend and just wanted to thank you for hosting.

  3. I still use post it notes all the time, although not for phone numbers. They’re all in the Contacts on my phone now. I don’t think I know a single phone number any more…and haven’t since the mid 2000’s.

    1. The only phone numbers I can recite are the ones from when I was a child, Phones have ruined my memory for numbers. I don’t even know my own number.

  4. this reminds me of my house, memos and stickies everywhere. i have them all over my desk and pc cabinet. i use them to remind me for things i need to do, shopping, etc.

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