Why I Love Real Books

August 9
Why I Love Real Books

Even if it's just for today put down the devices and hold a real book in your hands. Click To Tweet
Reading is a Family Tradition EclecticEvelyn.comI grew up loving books, real books, with their smudged ink on dog-eared pages held together by bent withering spines. The library was where I wanted to be. Surrounded by all the books I could ever want to read. I didn’t just love reading, I loved the smell and feel of the books. A lot of kids today have never even seen a real book let alone read one. They have kindles, nooks, tablets and cell phones. They even have them in schools now. Half the time I look at kids they have their noses in their devices playing a game. I don’t think I would like being a kid now or maybe I just wouldn’t know any better and would accept that as how life is; but knowing what I know now, I know the kids are missing out on so much. I useBooks not Bombs Beth Dortch EclecticEvelyn.comd to climb trees and read.  If I dropped my book, I just jumped down and grabbed it and climbed right back up.  If a kid dropped their device from a tree, the parents would have to spend at least sixty dollars to get a new one or replace the screen. I know that all these devices connect us around the world but what about the libraries are they going to disappear? Kids should feel the excitement of borrowing a book for the first time with their own library card and they should feel the responsibility of making sure it is back on time in one piece. Kids should be able to hold a book in their hands see the smudged ink the dog-eared pages held together by a bent withering spine and say “Wow someone really loved this book maybe I will too!” Take your kids to the library.  Let them love real books on National Book Lover’s day… Even if it’s just for today put down the devices and hold a real book in your hands.

Read this  I just read Weedmonkey by Lisa V. Proulx

This is a guest post written by my daughter, known as GlitterAttitude.  She also picked out all the pictures that are featured in the post.  Like all four of my children, she grew up in a home full of books with frequent trips to the library and bookstores.


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  1. I love reading real books also. There’s nothing like holding those gorgeous paper pages in your hands and turning them to see what the next page holds. I don’t like tablets, etc.

  2. My mother was a librarian and she passed her love of books and reading to me. I visit the library about once a week to check out books (real ones).

  3. I’d prefer to read real books than ebooks. I like to feel the pages and I like how they have a smell to them

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