This month I am participating in Just Jot It January. Basically, what this means is I am committing to write every day in January and writing is loosely defined as anything from one sentence to an entire short story. Whatever, I feel like doing that day is ok, as long as I write something. There are prompts if I want to use them for each day but I am not required to use them.

Today’s prompt is “Persnickety”. An interesting word that has been applied to me frequently in my life, along with stubborn, hardheaded, perfectionist, and the dreaded word anal. My proclivity to be persnickety has been a road block to my blogging.  I write and rewrite often spending an entire week just trying to perfect one post. It is exhausting and often causes me to end up not posting at all. I am hoping this exercise of just jotting this month will help me get over my perfectionistic tendency and learn to just write. I love to write but when I write for the public I put so much pressure on myself that it becomes unenjoyable. Time to love writing again by just jotting it down.

Am I alone in this or do you also spend a great deal of time trying to “perfect” your posts?

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