Writing my blog and then writing in my journal and then all the social media that has to be done each day not to mention checking email, etc. I spend hours on networking but am I really communicating at all? Is anyone really listening? All this communication but are we really communicating? We run around all day chasing to do lists and checking off boxes and at the end of the day there is still this long list of things left undone. Technology was supposed to make life easier, to free up our time so we could pursue leisure, and think big thoughts but it hasn’t. If anything technology has consumed our day so that we can not function without being tethered to a smart phone. We can not just talk without posting it to Facebook. We can not just be present and watch the beautiful sunset, we have to Instagram it. We can not just watch a concert, we have to record it for youtube. We can’t just be at a protest, we have to livestream. We are so busy hiding behind a camera or a phone that we are missing out on the things that make us human. We are so attached to our technology that we are missing out on what makes us human. Interaction, communication, awareness.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and tumblr. I don’t even know what tumblr is but I have one and vine. Exactly why do I need vine if I have youtube? Is any of this really that important, that we spend hours on it while ignoring the people who are actually in the room with us?

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