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I’m so cold my nose is running. Still trying not to run the heat. Not blowing out smoke breath yet so we are OK. When I can see my breath then we will have to turn on the heat or the pipes will freeze. Crazy to be so poor in this rich country that you suffer in the cold for fear of your heating bill. Something really needs to be done about these utility companies and their monopolies. It’s not like there is another electric company we can go to and get a cheaper rate. There is only one, same for water, sewer, and gas. Not fair. They can charge whatever they want and we have to pay it or not have utilities.

I think utilities should be nationalized and free. Our taxes should pay for our utilities. Like roads and schools, utilities should just be available they don’t just benefit the individual they benefit the community. The high price of heat results in a lot of people not having utilities, building illegal fires, or losing their homes. Its just not good and no water or sewer or trash just makes the whole community nasty and disgusting. If you can’t take a bath and wash it’s unsanitary and spreads germs to everyone and if the trash piles up that just breeds disease. Yuck! We need nationalized utilities. We as a people should own the utilities and they be free, paid by our taxes. We pay enough in taxes or better yet tax the rich like they should be taxed and cut the salaries of politicians to a living wage nothing higher and we would have lots of money for utility companies and schools and roads and hospitals, etc.

Yep just solved all the problems of the world while waiting on dinner. Now if I can just get everyone else to listen to me and do what I say it would be great.



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