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#CulinaryTeas #WafflestheCat EclecticEvelyn.com
Culinary Teas Good Mood Great Taste
    Culinary Teas makes a wonderful house blend aptly named Good Mood,  that wakes you up and uplifts your
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Window Light #WordlessWednesday EclecticEvelyn.com
Window Light #WordlessWednesday
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7 Ways to Reuse Recycle and Repurpose to Save Money EclecticEvelyn,com
7 Ways to Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose to Save Money
If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to save money and reuse old stuff you
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4 Tips for Working at Home Eclecticevelyn.com
4 Tips for Working at Home
I just read this article on 12 Struggles only people who work from home can truly understand. The article talks
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An Appalachia Siesta EclecticEvelyn.com
An Appalachian Siesta
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Review of Greenwalds All Purpose Citrus Cleaner EclecticEvelyn.com
Review – Greenwald’s All Purpose Cleaner Kit #CitrusCleaner
I had the pleasure of being asked to try Greenwald’s All Purpose Fresh Citrus Scent Cleaner.  I can honestly say
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Community Garden to provide food for the hungry
5 Ways to Provide Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Hungry People In Your Community
I live in a food desert. The only places to purchase food within walking distance are convenience stores, fast food,
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3 Places to Get Stuff Free EclecticEvelyn.com
3 Places to Get Stuff for Free
I love getting free stuff in the mail. Who doesn’t? I thought I would share three of my favorite places
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Wordless Wednesday EclecticEvelyn.com
Making Messes Making Memories #WordlessWednesday
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Sunshine and a Wringer Washer
Isn’t it strange how sounds can take you back in time. Whenever I wash clothes and hear the sound of
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Midlife Purge Part 2 EclecticEvelyn.com
The 3 P’s of Taming Chaos – Midlife Purge Part 2
This is part two of a three-part series.  Read part one here. I’m about halfway through this month I have
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Collection of Collections EclecticEvelyn.com
Collection of Collections
I have a collection of collections. Does that mean I’m a collector? Maybe a hoarder or just sentimental? Waffles is
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