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Go Try

Go Try

Anyway you write it
Brief or to the point
Children will recite it
Down to a certain point
Everyone can do it
From here to Friar’s Point
Grab a pen, go try it.
Have you got a point?


An ABC poem is a poem that uses a letter of the alphabet as the start of a line. It can be in alphabetical order like the one I wrote above or any letters in sequence. You can use all the letters of the alphabet or a few.


Not to be confused with acrostic poetry in which letters in each line spell out a word such as a name poem. Often our children create these in school.

Here is an example of an acrostic poem from Wiki How.



Now it’s your turn.

Just for fun in the comments either write an alphabet poem or an acrostic poem.

You can do it


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2 thoughts on “Go Try

  1. I may be doing this
    Just so I can
    Keep me working
    Let me go
    Many new things to do

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