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Its really hard to narrow it down but here are 15 of my favorite photographs I found on Instagram during the month of May.  Show them some love and follow the ones that interest you.  For many, it’s all about networking and building that following so reach out and you may gain a new follower along the way. For me, I just love beauty I see in the photographs.


Filming in Braxton County, WV

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There's only 24 hours, and that's not enough; to lie like you lie, and to love like you love…

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In the small village of Qaffa Qadhoum, Palestine, the Israeli government has cut off all access to the main road for Palestinians, allowing only illegal settlers to use it, resulting in what used to be a five minute walk to the city centre, now being a fifteen minute drive! Every Friday the residents of Qaffa Qadhoum protest this injustice and act of apartheid. Here a man stands defiant against the rubber bullets and sound grenades shot by the Israel Occupation Forces as he proudly waves the Palestinian flag, gas mask ready, letting the IOF know he is not moving anywhere, regardless of what tactics they use. #reemahamdan #freedomforpalestine #palestinian #everydaypalestine #everydayeverywhere #everydaymiddleeast #MEdailylife #photojournalism #photojournalist #documentaryphotography #documentaryphotographer #reportage #gettyreportage #refugees #apartheid #israel_times #streetphotograph @noorimages @rawiyacollective #hipaae @panospictures @worldpressphoto #HungerStrike #humanrights #saltwaterchallenge #israeligram #ig_world #Warcrime #protest #photooftoday

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Like, feed us now! #cats #catsrule #springgarden #spring #mornings #adelightsomelife

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