Marblehead Lighthouse Ohio

Lighthouses and August

  It was on this day in 1789, that Congress approved an Act for the establishment and support of lighthouse, beacons, buoys and public piers. In […]

10 of My Favorite WV Pics

10 of My Favorite WV Pics

I love instagram.  If you’re not following me you really should. I share everything from dogs and cats to crochet and sunsets.  I love taking photos […]

MIndfield An Overheard Conversation

Mindfield An Overheard Conversation

  Tucked behind a motel and a barber shop in Brownsville, Tennessee, there is a conversation going on.  It’s a conversation Billy Tripp is having with […]

HuntingtonWV Painted Trains

Huntington’s Painted Trains

If you spend some time walking around the downtown area of Huntington, West Virginia, you will discover several painted trains on display.  Some are on the […]

#ThursdayDoors A Door Worth Saving

#ThursdayDoors – A Door Worth Saving

  I came across this house while traveling through Ohio on my way to Detroit. I’m not sure of the exact location, probably somewhere along Route […]

Wordless Wednesday

October Sunrise #WordlessWednesday

Eclectic Evelyn Fabulous at 50 living and writing in Appalachia Related Post Lighthouses and August For the Love of God and a Good Woman: Margaret&#82… […]

Come On In

Top 20 Favorite’s from Mississippi

After spending 4 days in May driving the back roads of Mississippi, I had a deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement, Blues, and heat.  I […]

Wheeling WV Door

#ThursdayDoors Wheeling, WV

This is a picture of little hidden door in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia.  It appears to lead to a small alley between two buildings.  My friend, […]