I just read Weedmonkey by Lisa V. Proulx

By on April 15
Friday Reads

Weedmonkey is not a fairytale but a glimpse of life during the Depression. It’s not a pretty story but it is the story of a girl growing up in Appalachia. Some of the reviews on Amazon have commented on the writing style and sentence structure, I found the writing to be very true to the voice of the story. Reading it was like listening to my Mamaw tell me stories. I am happy that Ms. Proulx did this story justice by leaving it in the voice of Virgie and not trying to change it. Too often we are looked down on as uneducated because of our pattern of speech but that is what makes us unique and if you do some research you will see that the Appalachian dialect is closest to the old Elizabethan English … but now I am getting off topic.

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These Boots are Made for Fashion

By on March 6
These Boots are made for Fashion

My daughter Glitter Attitude was the one who actually wore the shoes and she has written the following guest post review.

The TEN-13 Elastic Side Lug Sole Pull-On Ankle Boot Booties are super cute! I ordered the brown which are called Tan Pu. They are a synthetic material they have a non-skid sole which means I was able to wear them to work at the grocery store. They run small these were originally going to be for my mom who wears a size 10 which is the size we ordered and they were too small for her but they fit me perfectly and I wear a size 8 ½. They have a decent size heel on them that gives you just enough of a lift to make your calves have that long strong look and give your butt that lift only heels can.

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Guest Post: Vinny and Chiquita Bites

By on October 31
Vinny and Chiquita Bites

Today, I have a guest blogger/reviewer, my daughter, Beth. You can find her blogging over at Glitter Attitude

Thank you, Eclectic Evelyn, for letting me be a guest blogger to talk about the proper care of small dogs. I own two dogs Chiquita is a Pomeranian Chihuahua (Pom-Chi) and Vinny is a Pomeranian mix. Chiquita has major aggression and is very territorial like most female pom-chis, Vinny is timider and tends to bow down to her partly because he is a rescue dog and partly because she was here first and she lets him know it. Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are known to be territorial and sometimes quite aggressive. So to help keep the peace we feed them in different dog bowls and we separate them when they get angry with each other.

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Review CSCS Hyaluronic Acid With Vitamin C Serum

By on August 4
CSCS Advanced Face Serum

CSCS Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C Serum is a vitamin C serum with 100% natural ingredients.  It is formulated with plant-based ingredients that include antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and polypeptide Vitamin C combined with essential oils, hydrosols, botanicals including herbala nd fruit extracts.  The formula restores skin from the inside with moisturizing nutrients that penetrate deep into skin to strenthen and defend against free radicals, UV rays, and unfavorable environmental conditions.

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Culinary Teas Good Mood Great Taste

By on July 28
#CulinaryTeas #WafflestheCat

Culinary Teas makes a wonderful house blend aptly named Good Mood,  that wakes you up and uplifts your mood.

The Good Mood blend consists of organic cacao nibs, which are peeled and broken cocoa beans, the raw material of chocolate. They contain a natural mood enhancer called theobromine and create the pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate. Chocolate gives a wonderful sense of oneness with the universe, orange peels give sense of happiness and roasted mate gives full- bodied and smooth espresso-like flavor. Luxury black Sri Lanka tea and citrus notes of lemongrass round out the blend.

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Less Mess More Coverage Liquid Mineral Makeup by #FacesBeautiful

By on July 27
Faces BeautifulLiquid Mineral Makeup Review

I had the opportunity to try out Faces Beautiful Brush On Liquid Mineral Makeup.  Here is the description from the Faces Beautiful website:

This Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup feels feather-light and silky-smooth, while providing ample coverage. The innovative “brush- on” applicator makes it so easy to apply and ensures that you’re spreading the liquid foundation properly. No fingers or sponges needed. This air-tight tube with its attached brush makes it convenient to carry and gives you a water-resistant, all-day finish. The formula is actually so unique that your skin looks natural, yet better then naked. FACES Beautiful mineral makeup actually improves the texture of your skin and gives you a more flawless finish.

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