The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh by Carolyn Arnold Giveaway ends 5/6

Carolyn Arnold makes you feel the heat of the desert sun as well as the chill of an underground tomb.  I couldn’t put it down and once it ended, I wanted more. If you love a good mystery with a lot of history and intrigue then I recommend you read Carolyn Arnold’s latest series.

Murder, She Knit – A Knit & Nibble Mystery By Peggy Ehrhart with giveaway

Someone committed murder before taking off with Amy’s knitting bag, and
Pamela realizes that only she can spot the deadly details hidden in
mysterious skeins. But when another murder occurs,

Triangle of Hope by Michael Meyer

If one person can make a difference, just think what three can do.

Clint Westerly was a success until a fateful choice he makes tears his
world all apart. Tanya Wilshire is broke but hell-bent on committing
to her mother’s final deathbed request. 84-year-old Seamus Harrington
needs to right an ancient wrong before time runs out.

The Grown Ups Crusade by Audrey Greathouse

The Anomalous Activity Department has plans to finally conquer Neverland by bringing the final battle to the vulnerable island. The children will have to…

Nocturne By Heather McKenzie

Heather McKenzie is the Canadian author of The Nightmusic Trilogy. Also a professional singer/songwriter with five albums to date, she told stories through music for years before falling in love with novel writing.

Sneaking Out by Chuck Vance

Suddenly a rush of memories from three years ago flashed in Luke’s mind like a series of snapshots. He shivered involuntarily and shook his head as if to clear his mind. That was weird. He’d spent tons of time outdoors in the three years since that episode, never once thinking about it. Why tonight?

The History of Hilary Hambrushina

Hilary has one goal for her first year in junior high: to become popular. But her plans are turned upside down when her best friend leaves for the summer and a quirky girl named Kallie moves in next door.

Writers Talking with Heather Christie

Today’s guest on Writers Talking is Heather Christie author of What the Valley Knows. Heather Christie grew up in rural Pennsylvania and, at age seventeen, took off for New York City in hopes of becoming a movie star. Flash forward several decades, a couple degrees, a bunch of cats, two kids and one husband later, she’s back…

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