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This week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-eat.” Use the word “eat” or add letters to it to make a different word. Don’t cheat!

When I saw this prompt the first thing that came to my mind was I wonder if I can write a poem using nothing but words containing “eat”.

Eat meat

That is how far I got before I started thinking, I may need to add words that do not contain “eat” at least some pronouns and maybe some adjectives or something.

Eat red meat
to defeat your
great seat
you cheat to compleat
what a treat 
to sweat pleats

This is not nearly as easy as I first thought, not to mention this poem sounds like something I might have written in kindergarten. 🙂  The fun and challenge about Stream of Consciousness Saturday is writing without editing except for spelling errors and now this week I decided to add to this my own challenge of writing a poem using only words that contain “eat”.  Where is Dr. Suess when I need him?

Now it’s your turn.  Write me a poem in the comments below using only words that contain “eat”.  Can you do it?


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