Autumn Equinox Is Not About Pumpkin Spice

When you think about fall what do you think of? Most people say Pumpkin Spice everything, jumping in piles of leaves, sweaters, boots, bonfires and football but that’s not what fall is all about.


Autumn Equinox is the official first day of Autumn or Fall which ever you prefer to call it, originally it was called Mabon. Mabon is the traditional celebration of the harvest. It’s a time to celebrate the abundance that has been given to us from the earth to sustain us through the winter. It has been celebrated for centuries this day is the signal of nights becoming longer and days shorter.  Today the day and night are the same length. Reminding us to give thanks for the darkness because without darkness there can be no light. On this day the fields have been almost picked bare and stored away for winter. We give thanks to the land and the goddess for providing us with the food to survive the cold dark months ahead. This is a time to bond with family and enjoy the beauty of the world around us like the leaves changing and falling from the trees dying so they may be reborn in the spring.

Check out this Baked Apple Chips recipe don’t forget to show the kids the special gift from the goddess (the pentacle) inside the apple before you cut them all the way up to bake them.

Click this  Everything August

Check out this traditional Mabon family activity making corn husk dolls.


May you have enough food to survive the winter

May your home be warm and safe

May the goddess bless your harvest and your family.

Blessed be


It's a time to celebrate the abundance that has been given to us from the earth to sustain us… Click To Tweet

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