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5 Self-Care Tips for When You Are Feeling Depressed



Often when I am in one of my low states of depression I neglect self-care. Really, I neglect almost everything. It takes so much energy just to make it through the day that all the extras in life just fall by the wayside.  There are days when it is so bad that I don’t even brush my hair. I try not to let myself fall that far down the rabbit hole, but living with PTSD has its ups and downs. I have written about my battle with anxiety and agoraphobia but not much about the depression that comes in like a wave until I am completely covered.  One reason I don’t write much about it is that when the wave hits, I don’t want to do anything, not write nor read nor even get out of bed most days.  It seems that when I am in that deep dark rabbit hole it takes all my energy just to look up at the tiny pinprick of light that gives me hope that one day I can climb out.


During my latest bought of depression, I was given the opportunity to review a luxury line of skincare products. When the package of the Emior Skincare line arrived, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to do a little self-care even if I wasn’t feeling it. My motto during my depressive states is


So that being said, I decided to use this opportunity to give myself a mini facial. Emior sent me their entire line of rich luxurious anti-aging products to try for free. It included a gel cleanser, a fruit exfoliator for deep cleaning, an organic anti-aging serum, and an eye cream to target those pesky crows feet.



The mini facial left my face feeling clean and refreshed. It gave me that little boost I needed to start feeling like me again. I think I am going to make Emior my new daily routine. It is made in the USA, has no artificial colors or fragrances, and contains natural ingredients like snow algae, sandalwood, fruit extract and shea butter.  It’s good to pamper myself. I deserve it. You deserve it. We all deserve it.


Emior Pamper Yourself


5 Tips for Getting Out of a Funk

Pamper Yourself

Make yourself get up and take a nice hot shower or a nice long bath. Use that bath oil you have been saving for a special occasion. Have a mini facial like I described above or paint your nails. Do something that makes you feel special. Drink a cup of that tea you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Pour it into your grandmother’s special teacup and drink it while you soak your feet.

Get Fresh Air

You can tell by looking at my house that I am down the rabbit hole. My curtains are drawn and my windows are shut tight. Get up and open those curtains, throw open those windows, and breath in some fresh air. Go outside even if it’s just to your front porch. Step out your door and just take a moment to feel the breeze and listen to nature. Take a walk. Go to a park and get close to nature. Listen to the birds and the squirrels chattering in the trees.  I hear ya. ‘But what if I live in the city?’ then go outside put on your headphones and listen this beautiful spring morning. or any other nature sounds you can find.

Connect with People

Call your mom, your kids, or an old friend that makes you laugh. Invite someone over for a marathon of funny movies. Invite a friend to go to a comedy show and spend the evening laughing. Reach out on the internet and talk with some of the people you follow on social media. Take up a hobby and find others who share your interest. Find a book club, a knitting circle, or a birdwatching group. There are tons of support groups out there both online and offline but I find that when I am down, the last thing I want to do sit around with other people who feel down. If it works for you then great. I have found support groups that have really helped me especially in times of crisis and when I left my abusive marriage, my domestic violence survivors group was my lifeline.

Eat Healthy Food

Put down the chips. Toss the ice cream.  I see that stash of candy you have hidden under your pillow.  Sugar and empty carbs will not make your life better. I don’t know why when I am feeling depressed, I crave sugar and carbs. I know some of you don’t eat when you are depressed so I’m talking to you too. Get up and eat a healthy meal with lots of fruits and veggies. Drink a couple big glasses of water. Have a nice cleansing smoothie. Put some proper nutrients into your body and you will begin to feel better.

Dance and Sing

Remember how much fun it was as a child to just dance and sing at the top of your lungs, not worrying about how good you danced or if you could carry a tune? Remember how anytime your mom put you in a skirt you had to twirl around until you got dizzy? Get up put on the twirliest skirt you have and turn up the music. Find the happy music. The music you know all the words too and when you hear it on the radio you have to turn it up. I made a playlist on youtube of my happy music, so whenever I need it I can just click and I am ready to dance. I keep a link to it on my homepage if you want to check it out.


Here is a bonus tip from one of my followers.

Do you have any tips for getting out of a funk?

Share them in the comments.

I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post for free or at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. Disclosure Statement



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