5 Family Friendly 90’s Kids Halloween Movies


Halloween is my family’s favorite time of year. Here are some family-friendly Halloween movies from my childhood that I know your kids will love! Even though you might hear “That movie is from the 90s! You’re so old. I wasn’t even alive!” to which the response is “watch this awesome movie because it is way cooler than whatever you’re doing on your iPhone.”


Pop up some popcorn and get settled in for a night of Halloween fun.

5 Family Friendly 90’s Kids Halloween Movies


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If your kid is a little weird or thinks your family is strange. Let them watch this movie that will reassure them that being weird is totally awesome! Being normal is vastly overrated!


The Little Vampire

Flying Vampire cows! Need I say more? That’s all I had to say to get my niece’s attention fast but then before she even saw the vampire cows she fell in love with a young vampire boy. Long before Twilight, this was a young girl’s first vampire crush.


Hocus Pocus

Immortal cat, witches, and oblivious adults?! This movie was such a big hit that my 5-year-old nephew has joined the long-standing family tradition of screaming “HOCUS POCUS  TIME!” on the first of October.


Little Monsters

Everybody is afraid of the monster under the bed in this movie you will meet some friendly monsters and some not so friendly monsters. Mayhem and adventure Howie Mandel and Fred Savage to the rescue little brother!


Christina Ricci has always been good at being the creepy little girl. This movie is no different she moves into a haunted house where she befriends Casper a friendly ghost who has some weird uncles. Your little fart obsessed fleshy will love this!






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